Lost Wings

Sometime I wonder
why we met
Miles apart
Yet closer than skin
Psyches so different
Yet so in sync
We walk in
And walk out
As we please
But the rhythm
of the rendezvous
Unmistakably familiar.
Are you the angel
God designated for me?
And if so,
where are your wings?
Weren’t they put on you
to shorten distances,
Bridge gaps,
Waste no time,
And when I need
Fly to me ?
Misplaced are they
by any chance?
Look into your closet
Maybe the loft
Check with your laundry
Do something
Find them quick
Cos I need you to wear them now
Spread wide on your shoulders to soar
Flutter across to me in no while
and cast the light of your halo
So brilliant
On the dark demons
that hover above me
Blind them
with the glare of your radiant aura
Shoo them forever
And enable the rays to permeate through
to soak my soul with eternal bliss.