The Vanishing Seductress

She breezed in…
…kissed my senses
Tickled my reason…
…Plunged me into thoughts
Weighed me down 
with her ifs buts ands etcs…
But alas! 
Even as I reached out to fathom her
And snag her in my words forever
…She vanished in thin air 
As abruptly as she appeared!

That’s how Inspirations act at some point. They seduce you with ideas. Ideas that pop up from nowhere. Ideas that fizzle out in a moment of self-doubt.

Grab them in the nick of time before they disappear.
Just like the mysterious girl you fell for in the passing train. Hopes of crossing her again will be minimal. So, act on the spur of the moment if you need to get her. Hop on that train of thoughts. And make the most of the encounter, to make it a memorable journey worth the effort.

Pics Source: Google Images
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