My Newfound Friend

Today’s post is a guest post by my dear friend, Elly Stornebrink. I met Elly only recently, in the July 2014 Ultimate Blog Challenge as a “co-contestant” blogger. In a short period of time, we connected so well that Elly refers to me as her virtual soul sista (as in ‘sister’). We IM (instant message) frequently, almost every other day.My long non-writing spells of late have been broken in time thanks to Elly’s gentle nudges prompting me to write. It is through her love of my stories that we connected.

Who is Elly Stornebrink?
For the longest time (since Grade 3 or 4 or 5), Elly Stornebrink has been interested in giving voice through words. She does this in her writing of blog postings, poems, songs, and the odd story. She also loves the ancient language of Sanskrit through devotional chanting known as bhajans, as well as singing.

Self-expression, creativity, authenticity, and intuition are values that inspire her and that she aspires to. Elly “gets words” intuitively a lot; they don’t come to her visually or auditorily.  It is instead like an instant knowing (referred to as ‘claircognizance’).

Elly considers herself a life-long learner and has explored and dabbled in a myriad of subjects, an array of topics. She also has studied ADHD to EXA therapy to healing. This is reflected in her blog which covers a gamut of topics, from expressive arts, healing and health issues, the moon, Michael Jackson, you name it.

According to Elly, what matters in the end is the size of one’s heart, as it is reflective of one’s soul.  She attempts to write from that place as best she can.

Elly blogs on Do check it out. It is a treasure trove of interesting blog posts, of carefully researched information on various topics which have been written in Elly’s own authentic style. Today she comes up with an intriguing piece of fiction to spice up my blog. Interestingly the title of her story is ‘My Newfound Friend’ (Yes, that’s my newfound friend’s newfound story!) Over to Elly!


The year is 1973. I am 13.  

I am flyin’ for two reasons. I have been feeling blue for so long it seems ‘cause I have been feeling, oh so lonely – sigh. I miss my best friend terribly, my friend who moved far away. Rather I moved away from him with my family, far away, and well, things just aren’t the same here, especially without him.

We live literally in the northwest corner of the city, right near the end of a dead end road where farm fields lay. Behind our home is a fence and beyond that lies a road leading to various office buildings as part of a mini industrial-like area. Then there’s a railroad track beyond that and a huge wild field after that. Hard to explain. Ya have to see it to know what I mean.

Well, anyway as I was sayin’ the reasons for my happiness are that I am literally flying. Well, it sure seems like it. I must be racing at about 30 km an hour perhaps – actually not quite sure, but really super, duper fast. I’m whizzin’ by so fast I can hardly see straight. It’s a miracle I can see at all! The wheels are spinnin’ so fast and my legs, my knees they are pumping so fast: up, down, up, down, up, down…clickety clack, clickety clack along with the other sounds my bike makes.

I love my bike and I love flyin’ ‘cause I feel so free ya know. I mean is this what freedom is all about? Not having a care in the world? That’s what happens to me as I’m spinnin’ so fast up and down hills and around corners, in and out through roads and alleyways. Heck, I even beat the bus every time! Well, I reckon that’s not too hard though: it only runs every half hour or hour depending on the day and time.

That’s why I got my bike out in the first place. Enough of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus to come. Especially when it’s hot and dry and ya feel like your mouth is gonna dry up so bad that ya won’t be able to talk no more until ya remember ya can swallow yar own spit. I mean saliva. Yeah, ya might think that’s gross, but what can I say. I’d rather do that than die! At least that’s how it feels like!

And then of course, when the rains come, I’d rather be on a bike and get wet as I can race underneath a big ol’ tree like a big oak or willow keepin’ me out of the pourin’ rain.

And when the train goes by behind our house and I am nearby, I always wave. I wave ‘cause I hope to ride that train one day. Looks like fun! And then I’ll be even faster than my bike! Cool!

So I didn’t tell ya yet, did I? Sometime later after I moved here with my folks, not sure just how long, though it felt like an awfully long time when school is out, but I finally met a friend, a new friend.

I felt so relieved – no! so excited – that I could hardly contain myself. I know that may sound kinda weird to ya.  I don’t expect ya to understand, but when ya feel utterly bored and lonely, let me tell ya, there’s nothing better than having a buddy to hang out with, even if it’s a girl. Especially in the summer as the days sure are sooo long.

I met my new friend in one of the local shops. She was leaning against the counter with her slit-like eyes, pretty quiet with her bright red top. And then all of a sudden, I don’t know what happened ‘cause I looked away for a sec, she started to sing LOUDLY. Was she trying to get my attention?

I recognized the tune and realized I loved it, so I joined in, not right at first.  I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was like feeling kinda ya know, shy and stuff, but then my feet, they were like starting to tap, and then my fingers wanted to snap, and then my hands wanted to clap sooo badly. It was such a groovy beat, I couldn’t take it no more ya know. I had to sing.

But before I did that, I made sure that I was behind her at the far end of the store, so she wouldn’t know it was me that was singing as I wasn’t quite sure if I could sing that great. But heck, I just loved to sing ya know.

Well, without going into all the details…ya don’t really wanna know…kinda boring probably to ya anyway, let’s just say we had fun hanging out. She was called…actually I didn’t quite catch or remember her name so I just nicknamed her Suzy, Suzy Blue. I called her that to remind me that she got me out of my blues that day and that summer. She didn’t seem to mind. She never complained. I liked that!

Did I tell ya though..oh no, I was just about to….well, she made my summer ‘cause we rode a lot together her and I, flyin’ so high and fast on my bike. It was sure fun, yeah scary at times, but I felt so alive and I think she did too. She would holler and sing at the top of her lungs or so it seemed and I would join in recklessly as I did with my bike.

At the end of the ride or day whichever came first, I would say goodnight, kiss her on the cheek and tuck Suzy Blue in, my new best friend, under my pillow where I would listen to her late at night, this instead of a book and a flashlight like some kids do. I loved my transistor radio, didn’t ya?


Note to reader: Since I loved Vinodini’s style of writing, I attempted my best to capture that in the unusual twist. Parts of this story are true (which is why my fingers flew when typing this) though written from the eyes of a boy. I hope you were surprised and delighted. I would appreciate your honest feedback as I think this may be my second short children’s story, the first was for younger children. Thanks!


Thank you Elly, for this wonderful piece of fiction. It is indeed heartwarming to have you giving that unexpected twist in the end, just because it is on my blog! I hope our readers love it as much as I do!

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