The Mysterious Harbinger

The security guard forbids me 
as I capture you 
 from where I stand,
mesmerized by your unfolding enigma

 You’re obliviously lurking above

 a treasure trove that stands heavily guarded
I tell him you belong nowhere
So, click I will
As he looks away

Looming dark over the mighty corporate horizons

Engulfing within your fluffiness, untold mysteries many

As, yet another eventful day of a new beginning ends
Can you be my wee bit of comfort in these new environs?

Say, have you by any chance drifted from above my home afar?

Bringing me millions of memories to drizzle with…

The warm snuggle of my little one
The rich aroma of my morning cuppa
An eyeful of my garden, sprinkled with colored blossoms 
The yearning look of the fur ball of a dog that misses me,
I’m sure…
The flavors of the spices sizzling in my kitchen
The sofa that warmly envelops me every time I plonk
doing nothing in particular
yet every bit important
The cozy familiar scent of home…

Carry within you yet another ambiguity this evening
Will you?
If you happen to find yourself wafting homewards again
Bless them with a generous shower of my love
Till we meet again.