The Creep

She felt a slight tingling. As though an insect was crawling slowly yet steadily just below the sheath of her skin. It started somewhere from the pit of her stomach, rising to her chest, spread out to her cheeks, pricking her eyes, threatening to spill over. But instead it took a U-turn and landed in her throat as a lump. She decided to ignore it. But it decided not to be snubbed by her. After constantly gnawing at her it managed to get her to ask it who it was.

“Who do you think?”  it asked

“How would I know?”  she exclaimed a tad petulantly, not in a mood for a guessing game. “So, now tell me who you are,” she demanded.

C,”  it said.

 “C as in, C for Creepshe questioned it cheekily.

Well yes, that’s what you are – a creep, to creep on me on stealth like that!” she retorted haughtily.

“Can’t help it…you guys never realize that I exist till the time I creep onto you when you’re least expecting it!” 

It replied calmly, “You see…I’m C for Conscience.”

Image Source: Google Images