As Angry As That!

So, I’m angry today. More than angry actually. I was seething last week, the weekend saw the flaming orange within me subside into a paler shade of peach-pink anger, but today I’m raging red! And you may ask why? Well, a lot many things that have set me off, some that triggered off coz of my own goodness and some due to my self-admitted folly! I’m not sure which one of the two I’m more upset about.

It started last week with a subordinate misbehaving with me at work, which went way beyond my limits of tolerance. Of course, I did not take it lying down and made sure that the subordinate got a scalding chunk of my self-respecting mind.

Off work and back home on a longish leave, I realized that my pet Labrador’s suddenly gone ill unnoticed by others at home. There was no time to react. I just had to act. Now that the poor dog has got some medical help, the least I expect is that he starts eating on his own. Enough of molly-codling and force-feeding torture sessions coz it was time for me to fall ill.

So well, yours truly is down with whooping cough and fever thanks to Mother Nature’s benevolent dose of winters this side of the planet. This was the part where the seething had subsided into a helpless anger. After all, how much anger can an unwell soul do with?

Now, you may question where and how the raging started. Well, it started this morning when I got duped by a fraudster who got plain lucky with my money just coz I was unwell enough to think or act rationally. This is where I admit with a tad of embarrassment for my folly. I refuse to act foolish any further than this to divulge the details of how I lost a decent amount of my hard-earned money today to the doomed-to-hell swines of this world! They’re going to pay hard for the time they chose to do this to me (I’m on an ‘unpaid’ leave attending a personal agenda for some days now). Sob!

And, the finale to my rage saga began when sonny boy started complaining of chest pain this evening, clutching his heart dramatically. It did not help that he has an exam to appear tomorrow and he believes that the pain is not heartburn, though I’m sure it is. Β It took a lot on behalf of his ailing mum to convince the disappointed lad that it wasn’t a heart problem…grrr. After all the fruit salts, Dygienes and muscle relaxing gels coming to his rescue, he now sleeps peacefully. Thank god. But I’m still raging. Not for the unwell dog, son or me, but for those who intended to do bad to me.

I’ve done the best I could to tackle each of the sources of anger my way. What next now? Wait for karma to act. Well, nobody gets spared from the big K…do they? So, let me just sip some cool water (err wait…room-temperature water, cough..cough..) to try douse my anger, count my blessings and end my rant session here.

Thank you for reading patiently. Appreciate your kindness. I’m better than this on other days. Really πŸ™‚

Β What do you do when anger takes over you?