A Fistful of Salt

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Psst…Lemme lick the last grain of salt while she’s at it. God, don’t make her look this side. Fast!
You see, I love corn on the cob, but with a dash of salt and lime rubbed in. So, when I snuck onto the cart of corncobs this afternoon, in my hurried excitement I could just about manage to get away with a single cob and a fist full of salt. But alas…my tiny hands couldn’t grab the halved lemon sitting by the salt bowl!  The corn seller was snoozing under a tree close by and chances were that he would have woken up anytime. So well, at least some luck there with the loot. Some salt at least!
All I have been eating for past few months was bananas and more of bananas. Why?  Coz’ my mum suffers from high blood pressure. That’s what dad told me before he died of heart attack a few months back. He told me how both of them loved feasting on savories that were rich in fat, salt, sugar and spice. They would get lucky in grabbing these goodies from the carts lined along the local markets when the hawkers wouldn’t be alert. Some days we would be gorging on crisp samosas, or it would be juicy jalebis the other day. All of them sinful and yummy!
So much so, that they went overboard with this kind of a diet and it started showing up on their health. They just couldn’t hop around the way they used to anymore without feeling giddy with dipping energy levels. First it was my dad who developed palpitations one fine day and a few days later my mum fainted right in the middle of the street. They were advised rest and consumption of simple food by Bholu Chacha my dad’s brother, a nutritionist and physician for most of us monkeys in the vicinity.
Now this diet was prescribed for THEM. But guess who bore the brunt of their days of merry? Poor ME. For days after that, all we would eat would be bananas or probably an apple on days we got lucky. I badly craved for some salt on my deprived taste buds after an overdose of those bland boring bananas all these months. I would eye all the goodies we used to have in the past as I would stroll by the market but would stop myself coz’ I felt mum would get tempted to eat them too and they were not good for her anymore. So today, when I got lucky with the corn I hid the salt in my tightly curled fist behind my back as I offered her half the corncob. The salt was my little secret and only for me. She’s already had her share in the past and was now suffering for it. I couldn’t let her suffer more. She’s had enough for this lifetime I guess. But well, I can still enjoy it  on and off as long as she doesn’t know about it.
Anyway, it’s about time she might just turn to check on me. But hey, before you go…tell me, do you spot anymore salt around me? Need just a wee bit more to down it with the last few corn kernels I have here.
This post was written for the picture seen above as a prompt for Wordy Wednesday at B-A-R.