The Power of Two

My first tryst with blogging challenges began last April, with ‘Blogging from A to Z Challenge’ and a couple of more that followed within that year. The fact that I caught up with the challenge only in mid-April, had me churning out two posts a day to compensate for the lagging behind. Nonetheless, I managed pretty well! So this year, when talks about the upcoming A to Z April Challenge, started buzzing around in the blogosphere, I buried myself deeper into my chores, pretty sure it wasn’t meant for me this time around, what with a full-time job and other personal agendas eating up my time – only till recently, when I volunteered to write for the ‘1000 Voices of Compassion.’ What a wave of compassion that was…with more than 1000s of bloggers pouring in their stories of compassion! The posts poured in from all over the world, some of them percolating right into your heart with their touching real-life accounts of compassion through their posts. The sense of community that this one day and platform had generated was simply amazing. And that changed my mind, having me sign up for the April A to Z soon after!

That done, now came the complicated part. Last year, I did not select a theme for my posts but I was intrigued by a lot of blogs that followed a certain theme that they chose to write around for the challenge. So this time, I willed myself to write on a theme. After much brainstorming and a couple of crazy crooked twists and turns, I did land up with a theme. It is a little complicated, on how this theme evolved in my mind. I hope I am able to explain clearly what exactly I am trying to get at. It so happened that I want to write about different acts/actions – literally speaking, I wanted write on verbs that conveyed action. But well, that was too broad an outline for me to narrow it onto all the alphabets from A to Z.  So well, I did the next best thing I do when the writer’s block in me pops up its monstrous head. I looked up on meaningful inspiring quotes with verbs in them. And yes, I was actually heading somewhere! So finally, here I am, with my theme. I plan to write on quotes which have not plain verbs in them but phrasal verbs in them. Well, I’m no grammar Nazi, but I did a bit of homework on this and came up with this piece of info:
 “A phrasal verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that modifies or changes the meaning; ‘give up’ is a phrasal verb that means ‘stop doing’ something, which is very different from ‘give.’ The word or words that modify a verb in this manner can also go under the name particle.” – Source.
So, here starts my journey of words with the power of adding a word or two before or after a verb that entirely changes the context of the word/verb to imply a few pearls of wisdom. Just like two people, who add value and change the very meaning of each other’s lives by just being by your side in your journey of life – be it friends, children, lovers, parents, siblings, partners, pets… and also bloggers, the list is endless! Phew…so there! That’s what I am going to write on.

My theme is called the “THE POWER OF TWO.” And what goes into that is this:

 A piece of fiction, a poem, a few random thoughts surrounding those two words called phrasal verbs. It could be just about any medium of expression through the written words, possibly with reference to a quote/ thought/ saying.

Must add, I had a lot of fun exploring, weaving and working my way through the mishmash of words. Enough said. If I have made some sense to you through the tangled mesh of phrasal words, go figure how I’m going to use those! And if you can’t, then comeback here everyday this April. Till then, hang in there. I hope to be catching up on a lot of blogs old and new…see you around!