Iron out

My theme for this year’s
Blogging from A to Z Challenge is called the
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Today’s words are
‘Iron out
  which mean to make smooth or flat by or as if by pressing
or to resolve or work out a solution.
Iron out the creases
wishfully I tried…
dissipate differences
 and ease out the folds
of  brittle undulations
that ruled my life
Digging deep furrows
 along the page
with yet another try
 to pat soft and level
 rough crinkled emotions
 into healing smoothness
Ending up
crushed beyond repair
 with every attempt to mend
the once-even sheet of my life
Leading me today
 to where I lie
No more creases
No more lines
As the crumpled me
Crumbles into ashes
 on my pyre.
 Life will forever unfold
 to reveal its creases, 
some of those creases will iron out,
while others will just remain permanent.
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