Mess up

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Today’s words are
‘Mess up
  which means to mishandle a situation.
His girlfriend Mia had warned him that the place was not right. But Samay was hell bent on joining the best music channel on television as a part of their marketing team. They offered him a hefty pay packet and a fast-paced lifestyle that came with most media jobs, more so in an industry as glamorous as that.
So, why wasn’t his girl happy for his success? The reason was that Mia had a bit of an idea about the kind of life that entailed in that particular kind of place. She had seen quite a few of her naive friends going down that road for the worse. The thing is, although the place was a melange of hip crowd working there, the usual work day ended with the colleagues heading to the nearest pub to grab a few drinks. And you wouldn’t risk being labeled as a spoilsport, especially if it was the boss you were hanging out with. A harmless night at the pub would further culminate in rave parties and endless nights of doping. There would be times when you needed to pick the tab too, just to be fair. Not to mention how expensive these habits could be for a newbie who was fresh on job.
But all her arguments fell flat on his ears. Despite Mia’s repeated requests and consequent warnings Samay chose to take up the alluring job. The starry glitz had caught his eyes. So much so, that he was blinded by his responsibilities as a sole bread earner now that his dad was no more. His responsibilities towards his ailing mother and sister’s marriage rested on him at a very young age. Nevertheless he took up the job, after a bitter breakup with Mia for the same reason.
An year down the lane, almost every fear Mia had expressed had come true. His lifestyle was erratic, he had turned to booze and dope to the extent that he couldn’t survive without them. The once go-getter of an enthusiastic young guy had turned into a haggard, disoriented and disheveled personality. He was drowning in debts for keeping up with his expensive habits that costed him a fortune. His work suffered and finally he was asked to leave the job that never did him any good. One wrong move and his life had crumbled.
Suddenly, he woke up one day to the fact that his life was in a mess and he himself was responsible for the mess up. His mother and sister’s pitiful faces loomed in front of his eyes. No, he would have to clear his mess and get his act together. Soon, he was ringing the doorbell of Mia’s apartment. As she opened the door she stood there still for a moment looking into his moist pleading eyes. It was an overwhelming moment for both of them. He needed help. And she was all that he needed to get back on track.
A few months of intensive de-addiction therapy later, Samay was back to his usual self. Soon Mia helped him find a decent job as a manager at a friend’s cafe. Life was clean and bright for him again.
This life is what you make it
No matter what,
you’re going to mess up
sometimes. It’s a universal truth
But the good part is,
you get to decide how you’re
going to mess it up.
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