Reach out

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Today’s words are
‘Reach out
which means an attempt to communicate.
He waited in the plush foyer drumming his fingers nervously on the side table. It did not take her as long as he had expected that she would keep him waiting. You never know…starry tantrums and all. But instead, she appeared almost instantly, as soon as her assistant informed her of his arrival. She was even more gorgeous in real life than on screen. She flung herself at him wrapping her arms around him in a warm hug. Her moist eyes could not contain the tear drops that trickled down her cheeks
ruining her makeup.
“Where were you all these years? Did you not miss me for all these days, my dear?” she inquired wiping the corners of her eyes with a tissue that her assistant quietly offered her. He did not know how to answer her. So, he asked her the question that troubled him all these years. “How could you leave me and go without ever looking back?” 
She was puzzled by his question. “But your father told me that you detested me for my profession and refused to see me all these years,” she answered. He was zapped. Why then did his father keep telling him all through his childhood that she would not accept him because he was an obese child and that she had left his dad because of the embarrassment their obese child brought her?
The trauma of absorbing this fact had turned him in a recluse throughout his growing years. He envied all those kids who had their mother’s loving presence around them. His self-confidence suffered and he developed revulsion for the glitzy world of the big screen that his mother had preferred over him. Till recently when he came across a press interview that she had given which had made him want to see her just once. She had mentioned in the interview that she missed her son terribly and wished that he had accepted her for what she was. Just that one statement had made him gather himself together to reach out for her…his mother whose affections he was deprived of since a tender age. He was glad he could overcome all the fears that his father had wrongly fed him with, to get even with his estranged wife. The door was wide open, as reality and truth blended into that emotional moment of warm maternal embrace.
Reach out and open the door that
no one thought could be opened.
Life is behind it.
~Kelly Ann Rothaus
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