The Power to Take Away

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Today’s words are
‘Take away
which means to have something as the effect of an experience.
So they had been talking about her behind her back yet again. Anagha heard those bitchy whispers, when she passed through the neighborhood she lived in. Sometimes they were brutal enough not to be soft-spoken when she was within earshot, which meant that she would often hear those words that made her turn red with shame. Those unkind words that hounded her from the time she was born. Illegitimate.  Bastard. Misfortune. Those were some of the words that they called her behind her back.
Suddenly, one of them, a pregnant woman held her bloated tummy and let out a wail. “Oh my god!” she cried. The women with her started fussing around her. Looked like it was time. It so happened that on that particular day, there was a curfew enforced in the city due to some events of communal riots breaking out. Incidentally, all ambulance vehicles were busy attending to the victims of the riots. And it was next to impossible to step out of the lane. There wasn’t a doctor in a vicinity who could rush to them. While the poor woman screamed out in pain, her close ones wondered where they could get help from.
“Excuse me; can you make some space for me?” Anagha tried to step into the circle of women who looked down at her all these days. All of them now stood crouched around the woman in labor. They looked puzzled. “I’m a doctor. Can I examine her?” she inquired and went on to do the same even without waiting for them to answer. What followed later needs no guessing. That was the last day she heard those vicious whispers. After that day, all Anagha was met with now were smiles of gratitude and respect for her in their eyes.

When you choose to forgive those 
who have hurt you,
you take away their power.


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