Women’s Day With eWomen – Take the Leap!

When a certain portal approached me recently to write about them for their blog on the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’ I was clueless on what exactly went into the thought behind women’s day. In essence celebrating womanhood and their achievements was my idea of the significance of women’s day. Although, I often wondered why was it that only one day was dedicated for celebrating our strengths as women. What about the rest of the year? And how was this celebration benefiting women in a concrete way besides mutually motivating each other? Also, I was curious about what exactly this portal was all about after I got to know that they planned to launch the portal with on 8th March since it was International Women’s Day. On further probing and exploration, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about what the portal had to offer.

So here’s what I discovered. eWomen is a portal that hopes to empower women by offering leads to home-based work prospects and linking them to potential employers based on their suitable background to provide them with rewarding projects relevant to their respective fields. The aim of eWomen is to authenticate and connect reliable employers and employees who could match each others needs and further fuel each others requirements by keeping the transaction foolproof and smooth. Now, that caught my attention. In my own career as a retail professional there have been times when I have been forced to prioritise the needs of my family which have required me to take breaks between jobs. I have often wished that there was some magic formula which would help me stay stable in my job by letting me work from the location of my choice – my hometown. Most of my job profiles have been based out of bigger cities and metros since opportunities for my kind of niche experience as a visual merchandiser were non-existent in the small city I belong to. Finally, somebody seemed to have addressed the kind of problem I was facing in my career and had actually come out with that magic formula I had wished for!

I am sure, like me, there are thousands of women who need to take strategic decisions to attend to their personal priorities at various stages of their life. Be it to adjust to the values of a new family that they have married into or for extended maternity leaves, the reasons could be varied in nature but nevertheless equally important to be addressed right away at the cost of one’s professional goals. Besides personal commitments there could be other reasons as well which makes home-based work assignments a preferred choice. After all, not everyone is cut out for a 9-5 job. Some women like to balance work with following other interests to enrich themselves. And, that’s when a platform like eWomen turns out to be a treasure trove of resources for them. Besides following your professional goals, there are personal interests and skill-sets that one could convert into a vocation by means of this platform. The options are endless.

Although, there is a plethora of home-based work options being offered online on various sites, the authenticity of these projects often remains questionable. With many loose ends hanging in such liaisons the reliability factor of the employer and employee is always a concern. eWomen promises to smoothen out those creases of apprehension and brings in a credibility of being the trustworthy link between both the parties to make it a healthy working scenario.

Coming back to International Women’s Day, while I was at it I started to look up on how the significance of International Women’s Day is addressed worldwide. Until now, all I knew was that women across the world enjoyed small motivational celebrations on this day, but beyond the pep talks I didn’t have a clue on the larger picture of how it added value to the lives of women worldwide. Apparently, there’s a lot more happening on global front with strong issues concerning women that are being addressed and plans to work diligently on the same are being strategised upon. This year IWD is talking about women’s empowerment at workplaces. Despite the length at which women have progressed professionally, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed in the entire dynamics of work-life balance for women. With focused attention on this issue lets get working together to bring in that change and contentment which would make the lives of working women like us fruitful.

So, turns out that this year’s women’s day seems to be a perfect day with the perfect agenda to address women’s empowerment at work by means of resourceful platforms like eWomen!  And here I am, doing my bit on women’s day to spread the word around so that my readers could benefit from it. Click on eWomen here and start exploring. Also read my post on eWomen blog: A Happy eWomen’s Day! written exclusively for women’s day. Browse around the eWomen blog to read my other posts there. Till, then all you amazing women out there – shine on and stay awesome! Happy Women’s Day. Or rather, Happy eWomen’s Day!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Readers are requested to do their own verifications for the service providing portal recommended here.