An Ode to Obsession #AtoZChallenge

Dear Son

Today I’m in the mood to talk about a quality that could be both, good and bad in various situations – obsession. Each one of us have our own set of obsessions. Be it getting​ that perfect haircut, giving into your sweet tooth, achieving the perfect body weight, or scoring a certain percentage of marks, we all have something or the other that we obsess over unceasingly.

A right amount of obsession to the right thing is healthy and adds zest to our lives. It keeps us going, to reach out for the object of our obsession with a spark that ignites our beings with a sense of purpose. People who lack the kind of obsession that fires their spirit are often seen as dull and uninterested about life in general. On one side I feel sympathetic towards such people for their lack drive but on the other side I lose my patience easily with them for their inability to even acknowledge it as a void in their lives.

However, there are some people who obsess over the wrong things. Today, the biggest obsession people have is with social media. I feel this media gives people a chance to shamelessly stalk and judge people without guilt, and to indulge in endless hours of narcissism through posting their pictures or opinions. While very few of us seem to have escaped this obsession, the real concern is for people who have replaced their real life lives with living in their virtual lives 24/7. Their drive for other things in life has been replaced with a screen that flashes updates on who is doing what and how many people acknowledge them in virtual world.

Another kind of obsession that puts me off is when people feel the need to nit-pick all the time. At the root of this persistent obsession with finding faults with everything is a pessimistic mind. If you ever come across people like this treat them as though they have a disease. In fact, it is actually a disease of the mind. Do not attempt to put them right or show them what they are. Ultimately it is their obsession, whether they know it or not. Focus your own obsession of people, places, healthy interests and things that intrigue you in a good way while helping you learn and imagine new possibilities.

Besides obsessing on habits and interests I have come across some inspiring personalities that I have obsessed on. It has helped me decide on what qualities I would wish to adapt from them. Some of them have been people I’ve known while some I have known as public figures. With the ones I have known personally, I have often had long conversations and debates to understand them better. Those discussions have quenched my obsession of digging deep into the minds of people who think differently from me, so that I do not remain stagnant in my own well of a fixed mindset. One of them was someone who gave up his religion completely and called himself a marxist. My debates with him were often spiked with the religious ideologies I was brought up with. But knowing his thoughts on the subject helped me move away from my own mindset for a bit and analyse the subject from a neutral perspective. Yet another person I am obsessed with is some one I haven’t met in real life but I catch up with her on social media. She happens to be someone who claims to receive messages through music notes. She intuits outcomes based on those messages and surprisingly, some it has come to be true for me. The mystical quality in her obsesses me to attempt to know more about her. And then, there are some public figures I have obsessed with in the way they have aged gracefully, in thought, action and personality. Obsessing over some of these personalities have helped me shape into what I am today.

Thankfully I have been blessed with a son like you who shows healthy interest in things that make him curious. It is one of your best qualities. Your obsession with books makes me proud. The fact that you make an effort to get your hand on another book even before you finish reading the book you’re already reading is an obsession that has helped you in the best of the ways. Look at where it has got you today. Your future career goals are so closely related to this reading obsession of yours. Let your list of obsessions grow to help you grow into a multifaceted personality with various interesting dimensions. And hopefully someday, you will be on the list of people who obsess to learn from you. God bless you.


My theme for this year’s ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge,’ is a set of 26 open ‘Letters to my Son’ from me that I will be writing throughout April. Read more about my theme here.