Fruits of Patience #AtoZChallenge

Dear Son

In the last few days I have sat with you at unearthly hours with your eyes glued to the hands of the clock as each second ticked by while you kept refreshing the page on your laptop that would soon announce your acceptance or rejection in the particular university you had applied to. Those seconds that ticked by dragged each ounce of our patience with mixed feelings of hope and trepidation.

Life is like that. When you badly want something it seems to take forever to come to you. The wait for it tests us in various ways. How desperately you want it is what decides your level of patience for its result. Going forward, you will be thrown in such situations from time to time when your patience will be put to test. How calm you keep yourself during these crucial waiting periods decide on how you will face the outcome. People often pace and fidget around at such times, causing an upheaval for people around them. Their anxiety levels shoot up and they behave as though their life depended on that one thing they are waiting for. And supposing the end result of the wait is the opposite of what they wanted, the dams of their bridled patience bursts in an instant.

I have always admired people who remain calm and collected in face of such crucial seconds. I’ve had the chance to speak to some of them to know how they keep their patience in such times. One of them shared that their trick has been to think of alternatives that they could resort to if the desired outcome did not come through. This in turn helped their mind focus on a larger perspective than just that one single result that they wanted. Besides distracting the mind from negative thoughts, this technique helped them improve their patience. No matter how badly you want something to happen, sometimes there are multiple ways of getting there if you could not reach there by the straight route. These alternative routes might take time but with sheer patience and calculated efforts nothing is impossible. That’s the reason why they say that there is no shortcut to success.

I have shared the experiences of my own professional journey with you in one of my previous letters. I refused to take my limitations as roadblocks to get to where I wanted to. I am not exactly the most patient person, but I did persist and put in efforts to see the culminated result at the end of a good twenty-two years. I have stated this example to you on numerous occasions when you have expressed your wish to follow the dream of an unconventional profession. I admire your courage in deciding to go for it and pray that you reach great heights with each of your dream realised beautifully. However, from my own experience, knowing how this world functions, one needs a safety net of a consistent income to first be secure and then move forward towards the passion that you’ve put your heart unto. Being practical and patient is important, and more so when you are being brave enough to tread on the unconventional path. Study your options, plan well, think of backups, put consistent efforts and last but not the least give time and patience to watch your dreams turn into reality.


My theme for this year’s ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge,’ is a set of 26 open ‘Letters to my Son’ from me that I will be writing throughout April. Read more about my theme here.