The Value of Life #AtoZChallenge

Dear Son

Today, let’s talk about life. Our life is the dearest thing we hold onto. Somewhere this attachment to our life is where all our fears originate from. We fear losing our life. We fear being unsuccessful in life. We fear being unhappy in life. We fear being lonely in life. The list goes on and the word fear always has to do something about things not going right in life.

That brings me to the question: Why do we value our lives so much? I tried to find the answer to it and here’s what I could think of. From the moment we are born, we are thrown into a vacuum of the unknown. We do not know what is coming next. When we open our beady eyes to this new world we start wondering what’s going to happen next. You do not know that the shiny object that caught your eye when the nurse lifted you after you were born was a pair of scissors​ that was going to snip you off the umbilical cord that connected you with your mother. ‘Ouch! Had you known, you’d have done something to stop it!’ Who’d have wanted to go into the big bad world had they known what it entailed? It would have been so much cozier to confine yourself to the warmth of your mother, right? But well, it was too late by then. And, thereafter starts this cycle of not knowing what to expect next. Adventurous much, but you don’t feel much in control due to the uncertainty of it all. Every new step you take is with the fear of falling but somewhere along the way you accept it as a way of life. However, it leaves you teaching the vital lesson of respecting and valuing your life.

While we all know life comes with an expiry date, very few of us try to make the most of it. We whine about little things, focus on things that do not go right, do all the wrong things to ourselves and go about trying to make our own life a hell. When we know how valuable life is, why don’t we take extra efforts to take care of it? You may wonder how. Well, have you realised that most of us do not start taking precautionary measures till crises strikes. We do not start studying well till we score less in the exams. We do not eat healthy, exercise and meditate till it starts showing badly on our bodies. We do not have protected sex in spite of knowing the hazards of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. We do not drive safe till we land up with an accident some day due to rash driving. And yet we fool ourselves into believing that we value our lives. We blindly assume that we value our lives. Not many of us do. We go about making the same blunders again and again till life suddenly hits us hard to remind us on how fragile it really is.

Over a period of time there are a few things that I have made as priorities to help me value my life better. I hope you can refer to these and make a set of your own.

  1. Live in this moment, but do not let it spoil the days to come.
  2. Do not throw it all away for one person or situation. There’s a whole new world out there to explore. Value your life enough to acknowledge that.
  3. Do tiny favors for your body. Balance binge eating with some physical activity/exercise or compensating for it by eating healthy in the meals that follow.
  4. Learn basic skills like cooking, driving, swimming, banking and sewing buttons.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep yourself updated on what is happening around you. Catch up on the daily news. Whether you’re driving on the roads, or relaxing on your bed, being alert can save you from the worst of the calamities that can strike any moment.
  6. Look up on random things that you do not know about for no reason. You never know when they could be useful.
  7. Be flexible. I often tell fussy eaters to imagine what they would do if there’s a world war and they land as refugees in a foreign land that does not provide them the kind of food they are accustomed to eating.
  8. Do at least one activity a day that makes you feel productive. It could be as simple as watering the plants or offering help to someone.
  9. Have at least one interest that soothes your senses. It could be listening to music or writing a journal.
  10. Surround yourself with optimistic people who enrich your life.

I could go on with this list forever. After all life is valuable and I intend to make the most of it. Always remember, that your life is equally precious to me. Live it to the fullest with your mind, body and soul in sync with each other.


My theme for this year’s ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge,’ is a set of 26 open ‘Letters to my Son’ from me that I will be writing throughout April. Read more about my theme here.