The Way to Success #AtoZChallenge

Dear Son

Like every mother on this earth I want my son to be successful. I wish that he goes places and does things that make me proud. This does not necessarily mean earning fame and wealth. Though some amount of recognition and comforts are always welcome, those are not the only parameters of achieving success.

To me success comes slowly and steadily as you work towards bringing out the best version of yourself. It appears when you first evolve from the person who has set out to find himself to the person he discovers in himself on the way, digging in deeper to explore his strengths and overcome his weaknesses.

Work is only one avenue where we achieve accolades but a vocation should not be the only definition to success. Our values, thoughts and actions also speak for how successful we’ve been in honing our personality. I see a lot of people around me who assume that their ultimate ambition in life is to acquire degrees from prestigious universities, after which they should earn loads of money by either grabbing a well-paying job or by starting and expanding a business that requires no great thought behind it. That’s success to them.

I feel even after we step out of our college our learning does not stop or rather it should not stop. Our curiosity should never stop us from studying. There is a treasure trove of knowledge buried deep in books. However, success is beyond what we read in books. It is when we scratch the surface to explore what’s beneath is when the we experience the true taste of success. That absolute glee of discovering or creating something is immeasurable. Remember the sense of fulfilment that you feel when you’ve written a piece or made a certain video. That sense of fulfilment is what defines our personal success. The moment when you pat yourself on your back is a moment of personal success.

It is an unsaid rule in this world that you’re successful only if you’re educated, rich or when you speak good English. I have come across uneducated people who happen to be much more intelligent and thoughtful as compared to some of the highly educated people around us. They are self-taught individuals who use their two eyes, hands, feet and mind to explore, judge and innovate. They might have never referred to a book, but their practical experiences and hands-on exposure is far richer than the knowledge available in books. Our current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, once sold tea at a stall. In spite of his humble roots he has been able to reach this pinnacle of success. He found his way around his strengths to bring out the best version of himself which is now leading our country to a new path of success under his able leadership. Such people are exemplary visionaries who did not achieve success by only reading books. Along with a keen interest in finding their answers, their persistence in following their passion is what makes them stand apart.

I am glad you have opted for a career that should give you the flexibility to explore and innovate. Make the most of it. However, do not get into the rut of not being able to think beyond your career. Take keen interest in varied topics. Read up as much as you can, but most importantly​ try to get a practical experience on the topic which will give you a far richer bank of knowledge to carry with you in the days to come. There is a reason why people say that the more you travel the wiser you become. The things you see, experience and explore for yourself can take you to places that confining yourself to a closed methodology of learning can never take you. So my dear, the world is your oyster. Swim the depths, soar the heights and do so with your binoculars perched on!


My theme for this year’s ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge,’ is a set of 26 open ‘Letters to my Son’ from me that I will be writing throughout April. Read more about my theme here.