Improving Body Image with Writing

Writing is One of the Secrets of Improving Body Image

Writing is creative and fulfilling, and it’s also a great way to boost body image, according to a recent article from the Times of India. If you don’t love the look of your body, you’re not alone. According to the Scroll, one-quarter of teen girls in India have eating disorders. Adults are susceptible to these disorders, too. To help you improve your body image, let’s look at why writing works.

Why Is Writing So Effective?

The author of “Beauty Sick”, Renee Engeln, Ph.D., did tests to see how writing exercises impacted the body confidence of college-age females. According to Engeln, women who spent only fifteen minutes writing (and then re-reading) letters to themselves, which were centered on self-compassion, showed higher levels of body satisfaction afterwards. The increases in body satisfaction levels were significant, although perhaps not permanent. Writing your own letter to yourself may be the fastest way to enjoy a sense of self-confidence that promotes general wellness.

How to Write Your Own Letter

If you want the same benefits as the test participants, you should focus on writing a simple “self-compassion” letter to your body. Write down the ways that you appreciate your body’s functions and the way that these functions make your life easier or more enjoyable. According to the website, you do not need formal writing training to be an exceptional writer. Good writing comes from the heart.

After you write the letter, sit and read it a few times. Revel in the sense of gratitude that you have for your own body, which you may not have taken the time to contemplate in the past. Your body’s strength, endurance, and power are the motor for so many wonderful life experiences, from a fun game of tennis to a nature hike to a night of dancing. Now, let’s talk about some other sensible ways to like your body more.

More Ways to Improve Body Image

Writing a letter to yourself is a good first step. If you still have body issues afterwards, it may be time to make lifestyle changes that change the look of your body, so that it’s a bit closer to your ideal. One sensible option, according to the Times of India, is cutting most carbs from your diet. While all people with body issues aren’t overweight, many do wish that they were thinner. Cutting carbs tends to work fast. Lastly, if you really hate an area of your body, don’t shy away from the idea of plastic surgery. It does come with risks, but it’s safer than ever before, and a skilled and experienced professional will be able to surgically alter what you don’t like.

You Deserve to Love Yourself

Bollywood actress, Richa Chadha, opened up about her own struggles with the eating disorder, bulimia. Women (and men) from all walks of life are at risk of poor body image which may set the stage for eating disorders. You deserve to love yourself, and writing a letter to yourself and taking good care of your body will be the best ways to feel comfortable in your own skin.


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