The roller coaster years: My first article in print was for an educational newspaper published by Pathway Publications.

My short story, “Luscious Aspirations,” has been published in the anthology, Blank Space, which comprises of 100 short stories by 100 different writers.

Another short story by me, “Beyond Eternity,” has been published in the anthology, A Little Chorus of Love, by ALCHOL, featuring 25 different writers.

My travelogues have been featured in ‘Musafir,’ a coffee table book that was launched by Nirvana foundation, Mumbai.

My debut solo novel ‘Before You’re Not Little Anymore,’ a self-help epistolary for teenagers, was published by StoryMirror Publications is available on Kindle, on Amazon in domestic and international markets and also in select bookstores across India.


Confessions of a hoarder: This post was picked up as a part of their ‘Tangy Tuesday’ picks by

Across balconies~a cute kinda love story: This short story was picked up as a part of their ‘Tangy Tuesday’ picks by

Musings from Munnar was a featured post on IndiBlogger. Check it out on

To-Dos Before I Go was a featured post on IndiBlogger.

How I Lost 5 Kilos of Weight in 8 Days was a featured post on Indiblogger


Ma and her bag of tricks – yet again! An award-winning post that I had written for #MyRoleModel activity by Gillette India in association with

Liebster Award: I was nominated for a bloggers award, by not one, but quite a few fellow bloggers as a token of their appreciation for what I write. One of the first ones is the Liebster award, which I received from my dear blogger friend Stephanie Bird.


The Making of Siege Saga: This post was in reflection of the ‘Game Of Blogs’ activity at in which I was a part of a creative team of bloggers who wrote a series of posts to form a novella.

The alphabetic mood swings: A post which reflects on my successful completion of three blogging challenges I had taken up simultaneously in April 2014, the ‘A to Z Blog Challenge,’ The ‘Ultimate Blog Challenge,’ and the ‘NaBloPoMo’ BlogHer activity. Not to mention retaking the ‘Ultimate Blog Challenge’ and ‘NaBloPoMo’ yet again in July 2014.


How I lost my weight and not my mind! A book review of the famous nutritionist (the woman behind, the Indian actress, Kareena Kapoor’s size 0 fame) Rujuta Diwekar’s book ‘Don’t lose your mind. Lose your weight.’

Silver coated freshness: Product review for Baba Elaichi, mouth freshener.

My sparkling style Myntra: A product review and promotional post for an online shopping portal:

A villa by the hills: A post reviewing a vacation villa project, as a part of the #DiscoverGreen activity hosted by E&G reality, in association with So-Saree.

Breeze off with a BOLT: A product review post for the newly launched car, Mahindra Bolt, as a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. Activity, hosted by

A plate full of compassion: A post written with the promise of having the opportunity to feed a needy child for one whole year in lieu for writing the post as a part of the #BlogToFeedAChild initiative with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Women’s Day With Ewomen: A post written to review the services provided by – an online job portal for women.

With Love on Violet-tines’s: This post was written for a product review done for

The First Diamond: A fictional piece written as a promotional post for

Your New year Resolution should be nothing but TRAVEL: A sponsored post on the blog in collaboration with

Amazon Sale — Look Your Absolute Best: A sponsored post on the blog in collaboration with

How to deal with Silent Abuse in a Relationship: A sponsored post on the blog in collaboration with—a mental health support initiative.

When a Diet Regime Turns into a Disorder: A sponsored post on the blog in collaboration with—a mental health support initiative.

Ms, Muffet—The Weekend Cafe at Baroda: A food and cafe review.


i made flowers for thee: A guest post written for my blog by a dear artist friend, Zaida Jacob, who writes amazingly well but sadly is not a blogger herself.

My new found friend: A guest post on my blog, by a dear blogger friend Elly Stornebrink.

No, I do NOT speak Indian: A guest post I wrote for Elly Stornebrink’s Blog.

Cut the Crap this Women’s Day: A post that talks about my post on a writing tip that I contributed to a blogger friend, Judy Yaron for her blog:


Nightlife precautions for women – better safe than sorry and 10 lessons for 2015: These posts were featured on, India’s First online advice portal for youth & teenagers.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home, Wings of Future, A Happy ewomen’s Day, Advancing Women’s Empowerment at Work and Home in Technology Sector: These posts were written for: – an online job portal for women.

Leaping through emotions – with Roger: A post written to pay tribute to my dear pet dog, Roger, whom, I lost too soon was published on a website called Woof With Luv.

A lot of other websites and social media posts specific to various clients and brands that cannot be highlighted here.

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