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Welcome Home Sam!

It is exactly a month today since we got Sam home. His second and hopefully his forever home. He is a delightfully adorable eight-year-old Pug. I wonder why is it that we hesitate to adopt older pets. I know it’s easier to bond with younger animals and they are much more active and naughtier than the older ones. But adopting a senior dog has a charm of its own. They are just as affectionate as young puppies, and once you win their trust, the bond is much more stronger and mature than ever.

Before You’re Not Little Anymore

In the summer of 2017, I came up with the idea of writing letters to my son on my blog, to help him cope with various emotions and situations that most of us go through as a part of growing up. Those letters became the foundation of my first solo book ‘Before You’re Not Little Anymore.’ Finally, the book is ready for release. I will share the details of the launch shortly. Before You’re Not Little Anymore is available for pre-launch booking on my Facebook author page. It will be available for sale in India to start with, on Amazon, the StoryMirror website and at major bookstores in select cities after the launch. The Kindle edition will be available in the following days.
If you’re wondering why you should be buying this book, let me tell you why. Before You’re Not Little Anymore, elaborates on life skills and practical tips that are helpful for every individual irrespective of their age or gender. So whether you’re a parent, child or neither any of them, either way, this book is probably worth a read!

A New Me – 24 Years In Perspective

It’s been a long time since I have posted here. If you observe the blog closely today you might end up guessing the reason for my being away. Well, no more hints, let me come to the point. After 24 long years, I switched back to my maiden name for reasons that are more than obvious….

How I lost 5 Kilos of Weight in 8 Days

It’s been a couple of months since I have been living an unhealthy lifestyle. Zero exercise coupled with binging on lots of comfort food has played havoc with my weight. Along with it came lethargy and a certain low that I cannot really describe in words. It didn’t feel right. I had to do something…

Letter to my Son_Version19

Last year around this time, as a participant of the Blogging from A to Z  Challenge, I had written a series of open letters to my son who was soon to fly out of the nest to pursue his further education abroad. On reaching this important milestone of his 18th birthday, I gifted him a set…

Welcome to!

And, finally the time has come for my thoughts to move from to my very own personal domain. Just the way we Hindus wait for the best auspicious time and mahurat to do good things, I waited to throw the doors open to my new blog space on Dussehra, which is seen as a day to express…

10 lessons for 2015

Yet another year comes to a close and a fresh new one awaits to take us off on a flight, to the unknown with mixed feelings of hope and anticipation. Resolutions are aplenty and so are a lot of lessons learnt from the past year that might just help achieve some of those resolutions. Well,…

A Birthday that made me Rich!

Death brought her doubled fame as compared to life. People who were not aware of Maya Angelou till she died, finally woke up to the fact that there were random quotes that they had been reading and following without much knowledge about the lady who had penned them. It was only after her death that…

ifs buts ands etcs…Nominated for the Liebster Award!

I started blogging somewhere around six years back. But all these years, this blog was more of a diary that I updated intermittently. It was a journal, a scrapbook of sorts, where I used to jot down my thoughts and a random sprinkling of poetry which I would at times share with friends and family….