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The title of this blog would probably irk a grammar Nazi, but well, the thing about me is that I’m always on a lookout for things that imperfectly make sense and the very fact that the particular muse stands apart in spite of its lack of finesse is what attracts me to it.

I am a designer by instinct and by profession. I design spaces and enjoy styling people. Thankfully my corporate background in retail and fashion gave me the freedom to do both. Not long before that, my identity was that of a lost painter and a confused writer. Yes, you got that right. As I stepped out of college armed with a bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Fine Arts faculty of the prestigious Maharaja Sayaji Rao University in Baroda, the big bad world sucked me in with a big dose of reality-check. A whirlwind of domestic upheavals later I realized one fine day that my paintbrush no longer complied with my mind.

But well, I forgot to tell you about the confused writer in me. The confused writer showed up in me way back in my early school days, scribbling away amateur poetry and incomplete stories behind her school notebooks. Time and again this writer in me would disappear, only to surface when the need to ventilate my thoughts would be strong. There was a time after I had passed out of school when my English teacher felt that I should opt for a bachelor’s in Literature and my Arts teacher suggested that I should pursue the Fine arts since I was always drawn to painting and sketching. So well, the confused me had to take a tough call and I ended up choosing colors over the letters. But not for long. Somewhere along the way, my fascination for colors and silhouettes led me to dabble in fashion. And, soon after began my stint with retail as a visual merchandiser, making retail spaces look beautiful and inviting for customers. A few years ago on a break between jobs, I revived this almost dead blog which not many people knew about. Till then, this space was just a replacement for those last pages of my school notebooks. But this time around, I realized that the strokes that could not come out of my dust-gathering paintbrushes any longer were actually coming out of the words that I punched on my keyboard. Yes, I was creating again. I had found my true calling. The voice to my expressions.

On this blog, you can expect myriad topics that influence my life. To name a few, they could be Short stories, Poems, Random musings, Fashion, Food, Travel, Nature, Music, Movies, Relationships, Parenting, Philosophy, Interesting experiences. 

Feel free to browse around the blog. If something catches your interest, do leave me a comment, even if your perspective doesn’t match mine. I am all eyes and ears to know your “ifs” “buts” “ands” “etcs!”

Write-fully yours 😉





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    I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award
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  2. Hi Vinodini, I have nominated you for the 3 day Quote challenge. Hope you accept it. Details here:

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